Skip Lilly is Steel Daddy.  A North Carolina native living in Asheville, Greensboro,
Greenville and now Daytona Beach Florida, Skip has spent the last 14 years
entertaining thousands from Atlantic City NJ, to Key West Fl, from the British Virgin
Islands to the Bahamas.  

Skip got inspired by the sounds of the Steel Drum on the Island of Tortola in the
British Virgin Islands in 1983.  A small little place (Dirt Bar) called Stanley's Welcome
Bar in Cane Garden Bay, It's known that Jimmy Buffett wrote a song there called "Life
is just a tire swing" and "Manana" where he mentions the Bay.  One evening in 1983,
a full steel drum band entertained the crowd and the sound just took hold.  His father
continued to visit these islands and exposed Skip to these sounds for some time.

After graduating from East Carolina University with a business and Marketing degree,
Skip set sail to work as captain for The Moorings, a charter sailboat outfit on Tortola
in the British Virgin Islands.  There he captained sail boats and worked hosting
charter guests.  It was then he fell in love with the idea of playing a drum himself.

After getting into the corporate world in 1996, in 2000 Skip sent money to a man in
Trinidad who made Steel Drums.  After a Year and a month wait, a Steel Drum showed
up.  He taught himself to play this instrument and before long was playing live at local
restaurants and venues.

Ellie Mannette, the founder of the 55 Gallon Steel Drum is pictured here with Skip.  He
trained under his workshop to learn the proper origin and concept of the instrument.  
Also pictured is Robbie Greenidge ( Jimmy Buffett's Steel Drum Player) along with
Ray Holman, a well known panist from Trinidad.  He also played and worked with Jeff

Skip, Robbie, Ray                       Skip. Robbie Greenidge                       Jeff Narrell

Tracy Thornton ( Well known Pan player in NC) was instrumental in helping him get
started by arranging the relationship to obtain a Steel Pan.  Tracy's experience and
teaching ability to young kids (Sons of Steel) to play convinced Skip he could play
this instrument.  A special Thanks to Tracy for his help and inspiration.

So Years later, Skip is touring around, relocated to Florida ( 2006), Married to Christel
Lilly in 2007,  Had a daughter, Peyton Lilly in 2009,   had a son in 2012, Landon Lilly.
Skip works a full time job at Vision HR, A Human Resource outsourcing company.  
His role is Sales and Marketing Manager.  This company helps businesses with
Payroll, HR Compliance, Workers comp, Benefits, Business Insurance and Recruiting.

Skip has played in venues like Atlantic City & Jimmy Buffett's Cheese burger in
Paradise and Margaritaville Café in Key West, The Homestead in WV and Snowshoe
Resort WV.  He has also entertained some distinguished guests like the US
Ambassador to Finland, Senator Kay Hagan and recently Mark O'Meara of the PGA

Recent Island Outings, Skip has played in the British Virgin Islands, Chartering 5
boats and taking 50 people with Asheville Based band " The Caribbean Cowboys"
Down to the Island Tour in 2006 and 2007

Foxy's Jost Van Dyke                                                                   The Floatilla

Skip also frequents "Grabbers" Guana Cay, Abacos Bahamas.  His father is a partner
in this well known dirt bar, hotel, restaurant in Fishers Bay. You can catch their web
sites at

Skip & wife Christel.  Baby Peyton Lilly

When not working the day job or performing you can find Skip, Christel and the
family at their Smoky Mountain Log Cabin Vacationing.

This cabin is available for nightly rentals.

Cabin Website