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2015 Update

Happy new year !  Ready for a great Season of Island Tunes this year.  Being in
Florida, the season starts Early and I'm looking for for the Daytona 500 pre race
entertaining.  SilverSphere will get the frist show of the year as usual for their fri
evening parking lot party.   

Also there will be a Show this Summer at Grabbers on Guana Cay in the Abacos.  
This will center around the Abaco Regatta (Around July 4th) .  Typically there will
be be 3 to 4 shows during that visit.  Show dates and times will hit the website
usually about 3 weeks before showing up on island.

Steel daddy will apear back at the Annual Halifax River Oyster Festival in Daytona
Beach so watch the tour dates page for the time and stage location.

To be alerted about local shows, download the app "Bandsintown" on your
iphone.  Like Steel Daddy as the Artist and you will notified for each show that is
added to the tour dates.  Additionally, like Steel Daddy on Facebook.  

I appreciate each of you and look forward to seeing you at shows this year.  I
promise to keep the high energy and quality sounds at each performance.  I love
to play !


Christel &I have been blessed with a beautiful young girl and boy in 2009 and 2012.

Floridian Skip Lilly brings the sound of the steel drums to audiences everywhere
as Steel Daddy
July 28th, 2010 9:05 pm ET.
Steel Daddy brings island music to places around the world
Photo: Photo courtesy of Skip Lilly Skip Lilly is a North Carolina native who now
resides in Daytona Beach. While he has a business and marketing degree from
East Carolina University, Skip spends much of his spare time entertaining people
all over the world on the steel drums. From Atlantic City to Key West, and from the
British Virgin Islands to the Bahamas, Steel Daddy brings original music and
well-known songs by performers like Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley, as well as
classic rock and current tunes. Steel Daddy frequently plays the venue Grabbers
on Guana Cay, in the Bahamas.

Skip was inspired to play by a local group of men playing steel drums while on a
sailing vacation with his dad in the early 1980s. It was at Stanley's Welcome Bar in
the British Virgin Islands that he first fell in love with the unique sound. In 1999 he
met local musician Tracy Thornton in Greensboro. Skip recalls, "He helped me
arrange to get my first drum through a maker in Trinidad. I got my first drum in
2000 and had my first gig in 2001."

Skip taught himself to play the instrument by practicing everyday. He was
fortunate enough to meet the inventor of the instrument, Ellie Mannette, who still
is on faculty at West Virginia University. Skip admires Ellie's "passion to create,
his persistence on quality, the lifetime achievement of spreading the art form and
to pass on his ability to as many as he can to ensure the art form lives on and

Skip notes, "The steel drum is the only new innovative acoustical instrument in
the last century that does not require amplification. Already owning a drum kit and
playing drums since high school, the steel drum had a lot of the same reward. I
found myself creating certain note sequences that would work together in certain
time that became unique. This is when it became fun and addictive. After awhile I
had many songs and would play them two times over a three-hour gig. After about
three years of this, I decided to incorporate the guitar and singing." This allowed
Skip to include more current tunes that were in line with the island-style music.

Skip is an expert on the instrument and on the rich history of it. He traveled all the
way to Ellie's shop to learn the deep history and to gain respect for its roots.
Though Skip has not yet taught anyone else to play, he plans on passing down
his knowledge and techniques to his 18-month old daughter Peyton. He has been
saving a real miniature ten-note steel drum for her to learn on. The instrument is
definitely not something that just anyone can pick-up. It is very expensive. A
quality steel drum can cost around $3100, so keep this in mind if you are
interested in learning. Any musician knows that any amount of time and money
spent on something you truly love doing, is worth it. Consider how much of a
passion it is for you. For Skip there was never a question.

Skip recalls the funny story that inspired the name Steel Daddy. When asked how
he should be introduced for a gig, nothing came to mind. The phrase, "Who's your
daddy?" was widely used at the time. When someone called out "Who's your steel
daddy?" the name stuck! "After about a year, the 'Who's your' dropped off, and
there you have it!"

Some of his most memorable gigs include playing for the PGA tour and Mark
Omera. He has been "able to play in a lot of special places in front of special
people over the last ten years". The best thing for Skip is that he gets paid to play
music for a few hours that he would want to hear anyways. Skip still performs all
over, but recently he has started to primarily play exclusive private and corporate
shows. Skip's goal for the future is to continue playing with the same zest as he
did when he started in 2000. He misses making new music as often. It is difficult
playing loud music with an 18-month old at home. Hopefully there will be much
more to come from Steel Daddy in the future for Floridians and for island
music-lovers everywhere.


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